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The Google Glass frenzy kicked off at I/0 2012 when Google announced a limited release of Glass to developers. Playing off this idea of a beta launch, consumers were invited to join as "Explorers." To qualify to purchase Glass early, they had to answer a tweet (#ifihadglass) and explain what they would do if they had Glass.


Since Glass was already well understood by the tech community, our idea was to follow-up on tweets that had a distinctly human approach on how people would use Glass.

Explorer Film: Andrew

We purposely took an analogue approach to sharing these stories by creating mini-documentaries. Andrew, an online physics teacher from Michigan, was the subject of our first film. We shot everything through Glass.

Explorer Film: Patrick Jackson

Next, we followed firefighter Patrick Jackson as he took Glass into the field. Again, everything was shot through Glass.

Explorer Film: Alex

Our next Explorer story featured Columbia Law student Alex Blaszczuk. Alex tweeted that if she had Glass she would show that "paralysis doesn't have to be so paralyzing." We shot everything through Glass.

Explorer Film: Roy

We showcased celebrity chef Roy Choi as he used Glass to create a special St. Patrick's Day recipe. This recipe was then served on his famous Kogi Food trucks in Los Angeles.

Explorer Film: WWF's Sabita Malla

WWF Nepal is exploring how Glass can help their conservation efforts. We created a film profiling their Senior Research Officer, 27-year old Sabita Malla. Explorer Films

On April 15th, a limited number of spaces in the Explorer Program opened up and a special section on the website was created to feature the films. Explorer Films

The films serve as product demos for the possibilities of Glass without being traditional ads.